Top 5 Diamond Facts

Diamonds are quite amazing, as you can tell from the very long process they go through to be formed, there is a lot more too them than just being a girl’s best friend.

Here we will go through the top 5 facts about diamonds that you probably didn’t know!

Coal and Diamonds

#1 The Hardest Natural Substance?

It was once known that diamonds were the hardest material on earth; however it has since been discovered that there are three other materials known to be harder (Rhenium Diboride, Ultrahard Fullerite and Aggregated Diamond Nanorods).

Even so this still makes them one of the hardest materials on the planet which is pretty impressive.

#2 USA are diamond lovers

The US is the world’s leading diamond consumer. In 2008, it consumed $19bn gem quality stones, about 35% of the entire world’s diamond production.

#3 Diamond Star

Astronomers have discovered a star 50 light years away from earth that is one enormous diamond, it is approximately made up of ten billion trillion trillion carats! It is made up of crystallised carbon which was once a bright star the same as our sun.


If you are having trouble imagining the size of that then take in to consideration the largest diamond ever found on earth was 3106 carats and was just under 4 inches long, weighing 1 ½ lbs.

#4 Age

Diamonds can range in age from 1 to 3 billion years old! The earth itself is 4.5 billion years old so diamonds have been around a very, very long time.

#5 Still changing

Maybe diamonds are not forever! Under the regular conditions found on the Earth’s surface diamonds are thermodynamically unstable and are slowly transforming into graphite.

Don’t worry, your favourite diamond necklace isn’t about to change in to graphite any time soon as the change is slow and would take thousands of years to complete.


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