Top 10 Olivia Burton Must-Have Pieces for 2019

Watches have evolved from being essential timekeeping devices to iconic fashion statements, which allows you to both express your unique style and stop you running late! When we think of a watch that has vintage vibes but a modern aesthetic, we instantly think of Olivia Burton!

Founded in September 2012 by best friends Jemma and Lesa, Olivia Burton creates beautiful hand illustrated timepieces that take inspiration from elements of nature and vintage fashion. They also make the perfect collectable watch range as new releases hit the market every 2 months.

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With the first Olivia Burton collection of 2019 now available, it’s apparent that new trends have been mixed harmoniously with traditional Olivia Burton style. The delicate little honey bee is causing a buzz in the jewellery world and he certainly seems right at home with Olivia Burton, amongst the classic floral themes we know and love. Different coloured gemstones being introduced within the dial add that little touch of sparkle and contrast beautifully against the soft pastel colour tones.

To properly showcase these new designs, we have reviewed our 10 favourite watch and jewellery picks from the first 2019 release, grouping them into the We Love Bees Watch Collection, Classic Olivia Burton watches and finally the jewellery section!


We Love Bees Watch Collection

Seeing as this iconic bee is bringing us seamlessly into Spring, it only seems appropriate to let him introduce you to Olivia Burton. Here are our favourite choices featuring this adorable bee icon.

Bejewelled Florals Midi 3D Bee Parma Violet Watch – £135

Bejewelled Florals Midi 3D Bee Parma Violet Watch - £135


Instantly recognisable as an Olivia Burton creation due to the hand-drawn floral watch face, the 3D rose gold bee sits cutely in the centre bringing a warm glow to the overall design. The softer silver and violet tones really let the signature rose gold bee take centre stage!

Blooming with flowers and radiant rose detailing, this really is a stand out watch for the upcoming season. However, if you prefer a more stripped back design then you are going to love our next choice!




3D Bee Square Dial Blush Sunray and Pale Rose Gold Watch – £155

3D Bee Square Dial Blush Sunray and Pale Rose Gold Watch - £155


Simple and elegant, this new pale rose gold metal brings a delicate and timeless feel to your wrist wardrobe. A traditional mesh bracelet completed with the signature 3D bee, allows this watch to be worn every day and be a great choice for any outfit or occasion. The square face and bezel also help bring that old fashioned charm to this piece, which is very in keeping with Olivia Burton‘s vintage aesthetic.

No additional detailing on the face means the bee can really stand out in this understated and beautiful design. If rose gold is your colour, you will adore adding this watch to your collection.




Rainbow Bee Demi Parma Violet and Gold Watch – £125


Rainbow Bee Demi Parma Violet and Gold Watch - £125

For a watch that embodies Olivia Burton‘s pastel colour palette but also displays a little glisten of sparkle, you can’t help but look to this violet and gold timepiece. Soft in texture and design through the use of a leather strap and a round watch face, this watch has a classic everyday feel to it.

Swarovski crystals adorn the white watch face to add a modern twist and we love how the bolder crystal colours complement the gold metallic tones. The little bee marking the twelfth hour on the face is an enchanting feature and we can’t wait to mix and match it with our existing collection.

Additionally, if the violet strap isn’t your favourite colour, you can opt for a blue leather or mesh strap instead.



Midi 3D Bee Grey Dial and Rose Gold Watch – £125

Midi 3D Bee Grey Dial and Rose Gold Watch - £125


Our final choice for the bee inspired pieces, is this ornate grey and rose gold watch which effortlessly displays how sometimes less is more! The rose gold detailing highlights perfectly against the colder grey backdrop, and with this blank canvas of grey for the watch face, the rose gold bee once again commands your attention.

The circular bezel creates a softer and more casual look in contrast with the square bezel on other models, which allows this watch to be optimal for everyday wear and style. The rose numerals on the dial add a touch of luxury and finesse and don’t overshadow the delightful bee. Certainly a best seller in our eyes!





Classic Olivia Burton Watches

The excitement doesn’t stop here though, as many new watches which feature elements of nature and champion simplicity have also been released. Aligning effortlessly with past collections, let’s take a look at some of the other watches that we believe will make the perfect additions to any collector’s watch box.

Enchanted Garden Demi Silver Mesh Watch – £98

Enchanted Garden Demi Silver Mesh Watch - £98


Effortlessly Olivia Buton in style, this cool and floral design is part of the ever popular Enchanted Garden collection. With the light flower detailing inside the dial, it has just the right amount of pattern to accentuate the minimalist beauty of the whole timepiece.

The neutral tones of white and silver really allow the hand designed details to shine through, complementing the delicate and feminine feel to the look. Perfect for both an everyday look or a casual evening outfit, it’s definitely a firm favourite for those who love silver jewellery.




Demi Lapis Lazuli and Gold Bracelet Watch – £150


If you’re after something a little more dark and mysterious, this majestic watch with a Lapis Lazuli dial is certain to catch your eye. The Lapis Lazuli subtly hosts deep poppy detailing, to keep the Olivia Burton garden in bloom, and boldly contrasts with the bright gold of the bezel and strap.

The light and dark combination is mesmerisingly balanced, and we love how the numerals are also in gold to highlight the contrasting tones even further. A perfect evening watch, or even a classic everyday timepiece if your wardrobe coordinates with the mystical colours of this enchanting gemstone.



Demi White Dial Pale and Rose Gold Mesh Watch – £98


Demi White Dial Pale and Rose Gold Mesh Watch - £98

For those of you who prefer more of a simple, elegant look when it comes to your watches, then this watch might be the one for you. With the new pale rose gold colouring introduced recently, this watch provides a sleek looking finish.

This alternative shade of rose helps keep your watch a one of a kind product, and we love how it can mix well amongst most other metals. This understated approach means this watch will compliment any colour scheme and coordinate with your other jewellery choices. The ultimate watch for every occasion, style or era.



3D Butterfly Watch and Bracelet Gift Set – £150


3D Butterfly Watch and Bracelet Gift Set - £150

Everybody loves a gift set, and if you want something bold that will stand out on your wrist then this Butterfly Gift Set is a must-have! Similar to the Pale Rose Gold Bee Square Dial watch with the square face and reserved detail, this watch captures a simple elegance allowing the gold ornate butterfly to stand proud.

What really makes this watch a sensation though is the burst of red introduced by the aptly named Santa Claus red leather strap. Very different to the traditionally soft Olivia Burton colours, this watch certainly adds a flair of excitement to your collection.

The set wouldn’t be complete without the accompanying gold bracelet, which details a gorgeous red crystal in between two dainty gold butterflies. As elegant and sleek as the watch, this adjustable bracelet can be worn alongside its partner timepiece or on its own, allowing you to be as creative with your personal style as you wish. It’s certainly a choice we would recommend to any Olivia Burton fan!



Jewellery Choices

If you thought Olivia Burton only produced beautiful watches, then think again! They also have a gorgeous range of jewellery that continues their soft nature-inspired branding and makes the perfect accompaniment to your watch selection. Let’s take a look at the final two pieces in our top 10 review!

Rainbow Bee Baguette Bar Bracelet – £75

Rainbow Bee Baguette Bar Bracelet - £75

The perfect partner to the Rainbow Bee Demi Parma Violet and Gold watch already highlighted in our review is this dainty and charming bracelet. Decorated with a rainbow bar of Swarovski crystals, this bracelet brings soft colour tones with a subtle sparkle to your jewellery collection. The delicacy of these crystals and the sparkling 3D bee really harmonise well together, making it a universal choice for all jewellery lovers.Rainbow Bee Baguette Bar Bracelet - £75

Finding that bracelet or jewellery option to perfectly match your chosen watch is also a growing fashion trend, and this bracelet is really easy to style alongside not only the Rainbow Bee watch, but many of the other colour infused floral watches by Olivia Burton. It’s important your coordinating jewellery does not overwhelm the design of your watch, which is why this delicate option is a perfect choice.

We also love how this adjustable bracelet is available in silver, rose and gold colouring to ensure there’s a perfect match for everyone’s watch or style.



Rainbow Bee Ring – £45

Rainbow Bee Ring - £45


Another fantastic jewellery option to coordinate with your watch collection is the Rainbow Bee Ring. Once again available in silver, rose or gold colouring, this piece can blend with any colour scheme or occasion. The round Swarovski crystals add that soft hint of colour that is only going to enhance and bring out the chosen colour of your watch. Even on its own, this ring is a delight to wear as it’s unique design creates the illusion of two stacking rings on your finger.




What’s the verdict?

We are sure that 2019 is going to be filled with demand for Olivia Burton designs! These were simply our 10 favourite choices, but we would love to show you the full collection in store or invite you to browse the collection online here. We can’t wait to get ticking these items off our wishlist, and would love to hear which pieces you want to add to yours! Reach out to us in store or through the contact form below to inquire further about the beautiful Olivia Burton.




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