Take a closer look at the PANDORA Valentines Collection 2019

The PANDORA Valentines Collection 2019


Melt away those winter blues with warm and fuzzy thoughts, as the new PANDORA valentine’s collection is here!

This year, the PANDORA Valentine’s collection focuses its attention on two heartfelt campaigns: You Are Loved, and Cupid Never Misses. This collection as a whole really appeals to all of us, as it’s not just focused on the romantic attachment in your life, but includes all types of loving relationships.

The You are Loved collection is full of jewellery which makes the perfect gift for whoever has a place in your heart, whether its family, friends or your soulmate. The Cupid Never Misses range however still captures that classic Valentines vibe and appeals to all of those with a little romance in their soul.

There are so many gorgeous pieces in this release and we want to share our thoughts with you about some of our favourites!

You Are Loved: A little piece of love for everyone!

Let’s first highlight some of our standout jewellery choices from the fun and feel-good pieces of the You Are Loved collection. Abundant in two-tone designs, there are so many options for adding a little hint of gold to your collection.

PANDORA You are Loved Ring


The Script of Love range is one of our favourite concepts from this whole collection, as it is it the perfect gift for any loved person in your life. Whether rings, bracelets or even necklaces are their jewellery item of choice, the word ‘Loved’ can be worn by your loved one wherever they go. It’s an inspired way to remind them that they are special to you.

PANDORA You Are Loved BraceletAll these pieces not only catch your attention with the golden elements but because the letter detail has free movement, it also attracts your eye as an engaging piece of jewellery. Combine with the Medallion of Love Ring also released in this collection, and you have a genuinely captivating collection of two-tone pieces.  You can also mix and match or layer these items with your existing jewellery, making it another versatile concept from PANDORA.

The new PANDORA Valentine's Collection worn by Belly Welly Jelly

Instagram Photo Credit: @bellywellyjelly

For those of you who like a little sparkle and traditional PANDORA glamour, there are also the vibrant Asymmetric Hearts of Love pieces. The cascading purples and reds encourage a deep feeling of love and friendship, which is further made special by the sparkling cubic zirconia stones. They make the perfect accompaniment to a bracelet already full of complementary colours or they could be the first pop of colour to a traditionally silver bracelet.

PANDOR Asymmetric Hearts of Love CharmOverall this collection radiates luxury and love through the golden glow of PANDORA Shine. Mixing these metals creates a versatile collection which can appeal to all types of jewellery fans, as you can match these pieces with both existing silver and gold jewellery. The rush of colour also brings a little touch of Valentine’s magic!


Cupid Never Misses: A Collection that sends the message of Love!

Naturally, PANDORA couldn’t hold back from embracing the hearts and symbolism most traditionally associated with Valentine’s Day, and we have a whole bunch of favourites from this part of the new collection! Let’s take a look at our choices from the Cupid Never Misses range.

Three necklaces from the new PANDORA Valentines 2019 collection

As February 14th fast approaches, Cupid will be out on a mission to send his famous arrows of love across the world. PANDORA has embodied this mythical story through creating a range of arrow inspired jewellery, that you can gift to the loved one in your life. Whether Cupid manages to get his arrow on target or not, you can ensure your arrow charm does the trick!

We love the collection inspired by the tale of Cupid’s arrow, and PANDORA provides us with both intricate detailing and bold statements with these designs. We instantly fell in love with the Sparkling Arrow range, for its subtle yet romantic approach makes it the perfect jewellery accessory no matter the outfit or occasion.

Ring, Earring and necklace from Cupid Never Misses Valentines collection from PANDORA

The highly polished sterling silver embellished with a sprinkling of cubic zirconia, really brings a sophisticated yet fun feel to the design. With no bold colours challenging your styling options, you can mix and blend with your current PANDORA collection for a truly mesmerising look.

For a more traditional symbol of love, the Arrow of Love Pendant Charm makes for the perfect charm or necklace pendant and is a true gift to your loved partner. Its playful concept allows you to open the heart like a locket and let the arrow hang freely, giving the pendant charm a unique interactive feature.

Arrow of Love Pendant charm PANDORA

Another perfect gift for Valentines is little Cupid himself, as the Cupid Dangle Charm perfectly captures the God of Love clutching his precious mythical arrow.

Cupid Pendant Charm PANDORA

PANDORA effortlessly blend both of these themes into one gorgeous collection, through more joyful PANDORA Shine elements and iconic symbols. Where cubic zirconia has previously been the dominant material PANDORA have used to make a statement, they’ve beautifully transitioned into making PANDORA Shine the focus!


What else can I buy from the PANDORA Valentines Collection?

You’ll be delighted to hear there’s so much more from PANDORA in this release, in addition to our favourites already showcased. There’s a gorgeous Moments Padlock Bracelet for those of you who want to start building on another bracelet, and even more clip charms for the PANDORA Reflexions bracelet.


With many blush pinks and sparkling notes running through the collection, it can easily be integrated into many an existing collection and is the perfect accent of love amongst the rest of your memories.


Reflexions bracelet with new PANDORA heart clips on worn by andicsinger

Instagram Photo Credit: @andicsinger

Another great shopping option is the addition of some more beautiful Gift Sets by PANDORA. Whether it’s the classicly elegant Hearts of Love Gift Set or the delightfully cute Path to Love Gift Set, these make for the perfect present!


Don’t forget The pandora disney collection – minnie mouse steps into the spotlight

Disney fans can get involved with Valentine’s Day too as PANDORA have included some adorable Minnie Mouse pieces in this release. This fashionable little character can be found celebrating Valentine’s Day with Mickey on our Disney Minnie and Mickey With Love Pendant Charm. The bold detailing of the word Love on the back really brings the message of Valentine’s home.PANDORA Disney mickey and minnie mouse with love pendant charmPANDORA has also created the perfect gift for any PANDORA Disney fan, through the release of the sparkly Disney Shimmering Minnie Portrait Bracelet. This certainly caused us some excitement, as Minnie Mouse’s face takes centre stage on the clasp of the traditional PANDORA bracelet adorned with a cubic zirconia bow.

PANDORA Disney, Moments Shimmering Minnie Bracelet

If a special person in your life loves Disney, you know they will love this dazzling bracelet.


PANDORA Disney Minnie Polks Dots Pendant


Final Thoughts – we love it!

This collection is particularly special because it appeals to many different people in your life that you love, making many of these pieces the perfect gift to show someone you care about them. Everybody loves that glowing warm feeling associated with feeling loved, and we feel this PANDORA collection reflects those emotions beautifully. The simple blend of symbolic pink hearts and fashionable lettering appeals to many different personal styles and tastes, making it really quite effortless to style!


We’ve shown you our favourites, and would love to hear yours! The full range of the PANDORA Valentine’s collection can be viewed and purchased on our website www.swaguk.co.uk 

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