PANDORA Shine – A Guide to the New Collection and Why We Can’t Wait to Wear it

PANDORA Shine Collection

PANDORA was founded over 30 years ago by a Danish couple; goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his wife Winnie. They began designing their distinctive jewellery in 1982, starting with a few key pieces. Over time, as consumers, we fell in love with the idea of being able to create something so personal.

Fast forward to now, 2018, and PANDORA is available in over 100 countries and is a leading jewellery brand. This makes it so accessible and the perfect choice for gifting (or treating yourself any time of the year!)

PANDORA is something that we all love to collect and treasure. It offers us beautiful jewellery in an array of different finishes to suit all tastes; sterling silver, 14 carat gold, PANDORA rose, and two-tone jewellery (combining silver and gold together). The gold PANDORA collection has always been very elite and the pieces are truly special.

Whether you like every other charm to be silver, gold, silver in sequence, or even all gold, the great thing about PANDORA is you can wear it your way.


Introducing PANDORA Shine

Spring is now here, and with the arrival of birds singing, bees creating their sweet honey, and the vast array of colourful flowers blossoming, PANDORA brings us it’s brand new collection.

PANDORA Shine captures the essence of spring in a beautiful, vibrant way. It is also extra special, as it features a new (and unique) metal concept, which has the look of gold but at a more accessible price. Gold has always been very popular in jewellery. It’s classic yellow hue compliments all skin tones and has a truly luxurious look and feel. Yellow gold is both classic and very on trend; it ticks all the boxes. It is bright, vibrant and decadent – almost like wearing a little piece of sunshine!


Model wearing PANDORA Shine jewellery


What is PANDORA Shine
Made out of?

PANDORA has used a unique plating technique for the Shine collection and the brand is keeping it a guarded secret. I’m therefore not able to tell you exactly how it is constructed, but what I can tell you is that the plating consists of several layers and is thicker than the plated jewellery we have been used to in the past. PANDORA Shine consists of a structure with three components, and this is how it is broken down:

  1. Layer one is a solid silver core. The core is made of 92.5% sterling silver, a trusted material that has been used in jewellery for thousands of years. Many of PANDORA’s existing jewellery is made using this metal.
  2. Layer two is a palladium coating. Palladium is a very durable metal, which is white in colour. Palladium resists corrosion and is a perfect protector of the silver core.
  3. Layer three is 18 carat gold. Gold is a gorgeous and popular metal used in jewellery.


What is Plating?

Plating involves covering a certain metal or alloy with a layer of another metal. For example, a silver ring with a layer of gold on top would be called ‘gold plated’.

The industry standard for plating is measured in microns. A micron is used to measure the thickness of plating used on jewellery, and it is short for micrometres. The thickness of the plating is measured in these microns at one-millionth of a metre.

PANDORA Shine possesses plating that is thicker than the industry’s standard and this results in jewellery that is not only fabulous and affordable but will also be a lot more durable over time.

PANDORA Enchanted Tiara Ring

PANDORA Enchanted Tiara Ring (£90)


The Bee Takes Centre Stage

The new collection is inspired by the powerful and playful bee. We think it’s perfect for all ages and there are lots of pretty designs to choose from. Below are a few of our favourites.

PANDORA Shine Collection - bee charms

Limited Edition PANDORA Shine

As part of this new collection, there will be three limited edition pieces released. For me, they capture the true essence of spring beautifully. They feature a lovely honeycomb design with bees.

When buying one of these special pieces, you will receive the limited edition packaging too (whilst stocks last) – which is gorgeous! It takes inspiration from the design of the jewellery, giving you a glimpse of what’s inside.

The boxes feature an on-trend hexagonal design with gorgeous gold detailing – much like the jewellery itself. The three limited products form part of a matching set. You can wear them all together or separately. It features a gold-plated bracelet, ring, and a choker! The best thing about the Honeybee Choker is that it is fully adjustable. The lobster clasp is easy to fasten, and then you use the pull toggle to tighten it into a choker. It can be sized up to 38cm.


PANDORA Shine limited edition jewellery

The full set – doesn’t this make you want it all?!


Pandora Shine limited edition packaging

PANDORA Shine packaging for the limited edition pieces (only whilst stocks last)

Limited Edition PANDORA Shine


PANDORA Shine has a rich colour, which is slightly warmer than PANDORA gold. The Shine collection is great to mix and match with existing gold pieces, as well as add some warmth to your silver. Below we’ve compared a PANDORA gold clip with the new PANDORA Shine version, so you can get an idea of the difference in colour.


PANDORA Shining Elegance Clip

This clip was originally released in 14ct yellow gold as part of the Spring 2016 collection. It is a very popular design and much loved by collectors. It now has a style twin – the same clip but this time with PANDORA’s unique 18ct gold plating.

PANDORA Shining Elegance Clip's


PANDORA Shine Bracelets

The Shine collection features two Moments bracelets with the new 18ct gold plating. Unlike the existing solid 14ct gold bracelets, (with prices starting from £950 for the 17cm), the PANDORA Shine bracelets are all the same price, regardless of what size you are. Which one do you choose… perhaps, both?

PANDORA Shine Bracelets

Perfect the Layered Look

The best thing about this jewellery is that it is YOUR design, YOUR way. You can be as creative as you wish! You can choose to stack your bracelets and stack your rings, or to wear an elegant matching set, it is completely up to you.

A couple of years ago when PANDORA Rose was launched, it was a fabulous way to have the look and feel of rose gold, at an affordable price tag, (thanks to PANDORA’s unique plating). Now with PANDORA Shine, we are all able to do the same again with yellow gold.


Thank you for Reading

I cannot wait to get designing and rearranging my bracelets! Gold is very on trend right now and I can’t wait to mix it up with some of my existing gold PANDORA charms. Thank you, PANDORA!

Please comment below with your favourite pieces. We’d also love to see how your style your PANDORA and hear your stories behind each charm – tag us on Instagram (@swagjeweller) for a chance to be featured on our page (with your permission).

Now you are ready to truly shine with your collection of expressive PANDORA jewellery!


You can view the full PANDORA Shine collection,

as well as the Spring release, at

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