PANDORA Reflexions Collection: Review

Fashion blogger wearing PANDORA Reflexions


PANDORA revolutionised the jewellery bracelet industry in 2000 with the launch of the Moments bracelet collection. In 2013 they did it again with the introduction of the PANDORA Essence collection. And now in 2018, comes a new and luxurious way to express your individuality: introducing the PANDORA Reflexions Collection.

This bold concept was first inspired by the confident everyday woman and introduces an alternative way to build a charm bracelet to reflect your unique style and character. Following on from our previous blog post on Mixing PANDORA Metals, Reflexions has beautifully continued this trend, with options in Silver, PANDORA Rose and PANDORA Shine.

The flexible new mesh bracelet can be customised with your own choices of personal and elegant charms, to capture a reflection of your personality and style. Even though this is the first release in this collection, the assortment of metal colours and charms allows you the freedom to create jewellery the way you want to wear it!


PANDORA Reflexions bracelets


The Reflexions Bracelet: A new way to Express Yourself

Dramatically different to the traditional PANDORA snake chain bracelet PANDORA has previously championed, the wider and more dynamic mesh design is immediately eye-catching and engaging. Surprisingly delicate on the wrist, this flexible bracelet (even without any charms), looks modern and sophisticated.

The high-polished finish combined with the mesh contours, allows light to reflect and shimmer beautifully across the bracelet, ensuring that whichever metal you choose to wear is showcased to its full potential.

The clasp operates very similarly to the classic PANDORA bracelets, ensuring the bracelet ends are secured in place by a supportive clasp, this time in a delicate square design in line with the width of the bracelet strap.

We love how this bracelet is powerful enough to hold its own without any embellishment, allowing you to tailor your jewellery to coordinate with your mood, fashion or occasion. It’s also versatile enough to mix and match with not only other metal colours but also other existing PANDORA bracelets! That’s a win-win for me.


Fashion blogger wearing PANDORA Reflexions gold bracelets

Photo credit: Instagram @viennawedekind


Ashley Bensen wearing PANDORA Reflexions bracelets

Actress Ashley Bensen wearing PANDORA Reflexions bracelets


Reflexions Charms: Personalise Your Style and Share Your Inspiration

Of course, it wouldn’t be a true PANDORA bracelet collection if you couldn’t add some charms! Once again available across all three metals, these delightful charms all represent elements of personal expression. Symbols ranging from classic hearts and bright sparkle to PANDORA Signature pieces and even elegant safety chains!

The interesting point to note is that all these charms are attached as clips, to allow easy application to the mesh bracelet. Once clipped on, the charms can be adjusted to any position on the bracelet, to further allow your creative design to blossom. Whether you wear it understated or filled with sparkle and charms, this bracelet is able to mirror your personal style in a contemporary manner.

We love how there is the perfect combination of sentimental symbols such as the love heart or infinity symbol, which can be effortlessly mixed amongst the more traditional PANDORA logo charms.


Fashion blogger wearing PANDORA Reflexions

Photo credit: Instagram @fashiioncarpet


Actress Francesca Chillemi wearing PANDORA Reflexions bracelets

Francesca Chillemi wearing PANDORA Reflexions bracelets


Final Thoughts

Overall this collection is a fresh and modern take on the traditional charm bracelet, and its versatile nature makes it the perfect choice for any PANDORA wearer. Whether you’re new to PANDORA or already have filled your jewellery box with PANDORA pieces, this collection is a must have for any collector.

Especially as winter approaches, this makes the perfect jewellery highlight against warm woolly clothing or to dress up an evening outfit for those festive dinners! It’s definitely one we are going to be dropping hints about for Christmas, what about you? Let us know!



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