PANDORA November Collections

PANDORA November in charms

Show you hold a loved one’s birthday close to heart this month with the meaningful PANDORA November collections, featuring the bestselling birthstone rings and the celestially inspired zodiac charms. PANDORA Droplet Collection Inspired by rays of warm sunlight hitting rippling water, PANDORA’s November Droplet Birthstone Ring and matching earrings represent citrine’s soft yellow beauty. Citrine, the November birthstone, is a joyful stone which signifies good fortune …

Citrine – The November Birthstone

Citrine, the November birthstone

The warm yellow citrine, a blissful stone which carries the power of the sun, is both the November birthstone and anniversary stone for the 13th and 17th year of marriage. Crystal Meanings Citrine is a joyful stone which signifies good fortune and good luck. it is often referred to as the Merchant’s Stone, associated with success and prosperity. Mythology In ancient times, this yellow beauty was …


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