A change of season can represent many things in a person’s life: new goals, fresh beginnings or sometimes it’s just an excuse to go shopping! With spring blossoming through the ice and cold we’ve acclimatised to over recent months, it’s a welcome time of change for both the weather and our wardrobes!

Of course, the perfect Spring outfit would not be complete without the accompanying accessories by PANDORA, and we are delighted to introduce you to new pieces inspired by the iconic wishbone.

This lucky talisman is represented in jewellery through bold and creative V shapes, which can be stacked or layered to create chic modern looks, or worn in contrast with other shapes to create something dynamic and original. This simple shaping though can also hold it’s old in a stripped back and subtle look, which is why it’s one of the most ultimate versatile designs. PANDORA also have a talent for adding sprinklings of cubic zirconia to smooth sterling silver, to really elevate a piece of jewellery for those of us who like a little sparkle in their life!


Both the plain silver Shining Wish Bangle and the more decorated Shimmering Wish Bangle can compliment almost any look. Separate they both look beautiful, but together they combine glamour and subtly perfectly to create a beautiful jewellery stack.

We love these timeless sterling silver choices, as they compliment all silver jewellery and look very elegant and sophisticated. They also all come together harmoniously as a set, allowing you many different styling options.


We also adore the Wish Ring designs, which have previously been available in silver and rose, but are now accessible in luxurious PANDORA Shine! Mix and match your metals or stack up multiples rings of your favourite colour choice, to create warm and soft looks for Spring. For guidance on how to mix your metals, take a look at our previous blog post here.

Even just wearing one or two of these rings can create a casual yet refined fashion aesthetic, however, if you prefer your jewellery with more embellishment, PANDORA has also released a Classic Wish Ring with extra sparkle!


It doesn’t stop with rings and bangles though, as the lucky wishbone is channelled through necklace designs too! The perfect balance of statement centrepiece combined with a delicate chain, make these necklaces perfect for layering. They can even be used to frame a small pendant if you want to get really creative, and we love how the chain is adaptable so can be adjusted to any length depending on your personal preference. Now that’s a necklace than can complement our style!

Our favourite choice is the Shining Wish Necklace, as it’s understated, rich in warmth and goes perfectly with the new Shining Wish Ring.
Spring also brings flowers, which is perfect for the run up to Mother’s Day which is celebrated in March in the UK. Flowers and jewellery naturally go hand in hand as gifts, therefore PANDORA has thoughtfully created a perfect assortment of jewellery pieces for this occasion, and are designed with sentimental thoughts in mind. Our favourite choices are those which are gifted from child to parent through the Mother and Daughter Love Pendant Charm and the Mother and Son Love Pendant Charm.










The sweet engraving of ‘Like Mother, Like Daughter’ resonates strongly with us, and is a lovely message to commemorate Mother’s Day. The charm is also split into two halves, so both you and your mother can wear one half of the heart and share this gift together. We love the detailing of the heart that is joined together on the loop when the two are put together, adding a playful element to this design.

There is also a Mother and Son counterpart, which comes without the PANDORA Rose half and engraved to simply state Mother and Son. It’s the type of charm only your child would buy you, which makes it that little bit extra special and loved!









Tying back in with the wish bone designs also released, is a majestic gift set which also makes for the perfect Mother’s Day Gift. This options means you are able to gift your Mother multiple jewellery options that are versatile enough to be worn any time of day or with any classic outfit. The dainty studs are both mystical and elegant, and look gorgeous beside the Shimmering Wish Necklace. This is a perfect gift perhaps for those who don’t necessarily have the classic PANDORA charm bracelet, but who love silver jewellery. Even if it’s not Mother Day you’re shopping for, this is a perfect gift set to treat yourself to!

This is only a snapshot at the pieces being introduced by PANDORA in the latest release, and for the full range please take a look at our website where you can view all PANDORA. We certainly think the wish bone designs are going to be a big hit, and can’t wait to get layering with other jewellery!

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