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Take a closer look at the PANDORA Valentines Collection 2019

The PANDORA Valentines Collection 2019

  Melt away those winter blues with warm and fuzzy thoughts, as the new PANDORA valentine’s collection is here! This year, the PANDORA Valentine’s collection focuses its attention on two heartfelt campaigns: You Are Loved, and Cupid Never Misses. This collection as a whole really appeals to all of us, as it’s not just focused on the romantic attachment in your life, but includes all …

PANDORA Reflexions Collection: Review

Fashion blogger wearing PANDORA Reflexions

  PANDORA revolutionised the jewellery bracelet industry in 2000 with the launch of the Moments bracelet collection. In 2013 they did it again with the introduction of the PANDORA Essence collection. And now in 2018, comes a new and luxurious way to express your individuality: introducing the PANDORA Reflexions Collection. This bold concept was first inspired by the confident everyday woman and introduces an alternative …

Mixing Metals With PANDORA Jewellery

Blogger mixing metals PANDORA jewellery

Can’t decide which PANDORA metal collection to collect and style? Tempted by both classic shining silver and the glamorous PANDORA Shine, yet also in love with the luxurious PANDORA rose? No problem! A current jewellery trend inspiring our summer style is the idea of mixing your metals! This isn’t just a trend for 2018, as the idea behind bringing these three metal colourings together can …