Buy PANDORA and more today and pay later with Klarna


News flash! If you simply can’t wait for payday to add that must-have jewellery piece to your collection, Klarna is here to help!


Tell me more- What is Klarna? 

Klarna is a Swedish bank who look to help make your shopping experience easy and stress-free when it comes to payments. We all know that feeling of wanting to purchase that new PANDORA Charm but having to count the days to payday. Now we don’t have to wait as Klarna lets you treat yourself by buying now and paying later!

With two fantastic payment options to help make your shopping experience a little more relaxing for your bank balance, Klarna is a great way to shop online.


Sounds amazing – How does it work? 

There are of course a few terms and conditions, the full of which can be read on our website here. Essentially though you need to be over 18, have a UK bank account and address and you can shop right away, with no interest or hidden fees. Klarna will also carry out a light credit check (which won’t go on your credit record) and once approved, you can set up your payment plan using your credit or debit card.

Klarna offer you two different ways to pay for your products: Slice It In 3 and Pay Later. Only applicable on basket totals from £35 to £1000 on Slice it in 3, but NO limits on Pay Later. Sadly Klarna is not able to be used on sale or pre-owned items.


Slice It In 3

This simply means that you can spread your payment over three months in three separate and equal payments. The first payment is taken when you make the purchase, but the other two come out in monthly instalments.

Their full FAQ’s on Slice It In 3 can be found on their website here. Additionally, once you’ve set yourself up with Klarna, all future purchases can be made the same way at just the click of a button. This option is great for us who want to take a little pressure off our shopping sprees!


Pay Later

The excitement doesn’t stop there though, as there’s also the Pay Later option for those of you who want the in shop experience from the comfort of your own home! Essentially buy now, view the products and pay in 30 days.

This option is great if you need to try on different sizes or can’t decide between two different colours. Just buy both and return the unwanted item within the 30 days to only pay for the item you keep! Now that is great customer service without even leaving the house.

Their full FAQ’s on Pay Later can be found on their website here. We know patience is a virtue, but why wait when you don’t have to! 

Fantastic – Where do I sign up? 

All you need to do is click the Klarna payment option at checkout and apply! Once they’ve approved you, it’s then a case of sitting tight until the postman comes knocking! There’s also a really handly Klarna app you can download to manage all your payments. Happy shopping, we’re off to browse the new PANDORA collection..


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