Lauren Jackson-Howard

Lauren is a one of our super-duper Sales Assistants in our Staines Branch, specialising in jewellery for our many in-store brands and she knows a thing or two about wedding rings! There's so much to learn about jewellery and her passion keeps her growing her knowledge every day.... along with her love for it! She loves being surrounded by beautiful, sparkly things and believes each piece is unique. The best part of her job is being there when people are buying for special occasions and she can be involved in the important decision of which piece of jewellery is going to make that moment even more special.

Top 10 Olivia Burton Must-Have Pieces for 2019

Watches have evolved from being essential timekeeping devices to iconic fashion statements, which allows you to both express your unique style and stop you running late! When we think of a watch that has vintage vibes but a modern aesthetic, we instantly think of Olivia Burton! Founded in September 2012 by best friends Jemma and Lesa, Olivia Burton creates beautiful hand illustrated timepieces that take …

What should you buy a girl for her 16th, 18th or 21st birthday?

Woman opening dark blue package

Looking for the best gift for that milestone birthday? Buying for the younger generation can be difficult, especially when it’s a milestone birthday and you have no idea what they’re into or their taste preferences – some serious inspiration may be needed! Some of the top google searches are around ideas for gift purchasing such as ‘top 5 gifts for a 16 year old’ or …