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At SWAG we have worked with jewellery for many years.

In four of our branches we have onsite Goldsmith studios. Each has a craftsman dedicated to the care of our jewellery customers.

Our goldsmiths are able to design and make any piece of jewellery to your personal requirements.
Here at SWAG we can restore, and remake old pieces of jewellery that have become too fragile to wear.
We also specialise in redesigning old unwanted jewellery into new fashionable pieces.

Our master craftsmen and designer, Sarel du Plessis (based in our Kingston store) is on hand to help you turn your ideas and dreams into reality.

It is extra special to have a “one of a kind” piece of jewellery especially if you have personally had some input into the design.

Because each bespoke design is unique to you, it involves a number of meetings with the goldsmith throughout the design and making process.

After an initial meeting to discuss your ideas, you will have the chance to see a series of designs done by hand or with a state-of-the-art CAD design software program (depending on the style of the item).

All 3 dimensional Computer Aided Designs will let you see the piece from all angles, and will be a 100% true representation of the final completed design.
 At the next meeting you will be able to see the final designs, proceed the order and we will take any final finger measurements that might be required.
Before any stones are set into the piece we might ask you to return for a final fitting before your jewellery piece is finished and polished.

All bespoke diamond pieces come with our unique 10 year diamond guarantee.

To discuss more or to make an appointment please contact Sarel at or call on 0208 546 8854.

We look forward to meet with you, so come in for a cup of tea and we can sit and discuss any ideas you have.

Remember there is a designer in each and every one of us!