Standard Guarantee

Any item with our 10 Year Diamond Guarantee icon beside it comes with this industry leading guarantee.


The SWAG quality diamond guarantee covers the replacement of your SWAG diamond (up to one carat in weight), whether lost from the original setting or damaged in the setting, providing our qualified staff at SWAG inspect and service your diamond every six months and that recommended repairs are carried out. The inspection must be recorded on this certificate every six months.

Work must not be undertaken by any other jeweller.

We guarantee the setting forever.


Your SWAG diamond has been carefully inspected under our strict standards of quality by SWAG's professionally trained and experienced staff.

Our logo is a symbol of excellence. We strive to live up to it every day. It signifies our promise that you can always expect quality and excellent service in everything we do.


You may trade-in your SWAG diamond at any time for another SWAG diamond provided your new selection is (at least) twice the retail value of the diamond to be traded.

We will value your SWAG diamond at the time of trade-in and offer you the current value or the original purchase price, whichever is greater (towards your new purchase). The value set by SWAG is final and binding.

As your SWAG diamond increases in value so does your trade-in value.


Within sixty days of your purchase of a SWAG diamond you may return it in new, unused condition, with proof of purchase, and receive a full refund.


You are welcome to bring back your SWAG diamond at any time for complimentary cleaning and polishing.

We will also size your ring at no charge throughout its life.


Every SWAG diamond purchase over £500 is accompanied by a written valuation describing the item. For insurance purposes it is recommended that you have a valuation of your jewellery updated regularly.

We offer free valuation every two years on every SWAG diamond purchase You make over £500.


National Association of Goldsmiths. Jewellers of America.

SWAG Jeweller is a member of the National Association of Goldsmiths and also an overseas member of Jewellers of America.

Retail Jewellery Diploma (RJ Dip.) is the title awarded to those few who successfully pass the comprehensive two year jeweller course set by the National Association of Goldsmiths. Everyone at Swag studies for this professional qualification.