The Tanzanite Collection

Rare Tanzanite

Tanzanite is the name given to transparent blue zoisite. It is quite a ‘new’ stone, having been discovered in Tanzania by the Masai tribe in 1967. Tanzanite crystals have been growing for millions of years in deposits on the inside of metamorphic hills on a vast plain in the shadow of Kilimanjaro. They were noticed one day by a group of Masai shepherds who noticed the sparkling crystals lying in the sun. They were introduced to the jewellery world in 1969 by Tiffany and Co., who named them after their discovery location to add to their exotic appeal.

The Masai believe that Tanzanite is the stone of birth because of its blue colour, and they give tanzanite to their wives at the birth of their first-born children.

Our centrepiece
  • 1406110
  • £12,195

Our centrepiece

A magnificent tanzanite and diamond cluster ring. Showcasing a breathtaking 9.45 carat pear cut tanzanite set beautifully within a halo of sparkling diamonds to add extra sparkle. A real impact piece that oozes pure perfection.

Tanzanite is an extraordinary gemstone and is only found in the Merelani Hills in Northern Tanzania. Its amazing blue colour is enhanced by a fine hue of purple which reflects beautifully throughout the gemstone. We recently acquired this 9.45ct pear cut tanzanite from a South African supplier and it has been mounted and embellished with diamonds to display these wonderful characteristics.

Adam Gillary - Diamond Buyer

Tanzanite and Diamond Gold Cluster Stud Earrings
  • 0433807
  • £1,150


These captivating pair of stud earrings really has it all. Comprising of a sublime tanzanite stone surrounded by a rim of sparkling diamonds to form a classic cluster formation. Truly beautiful works of art that will make you feel exceptionally glamorous when adorned in them.

Tanzanite and Diamond Gold Pendant
  • 0607117
  • £1,950


An enchanting 18 carat white gold cluster pendant. Showcasing a magnificent 0.93ct round tanzanite gemstone situated amongst a rim of illuminating diamonds, .10ct. Sheer brilliance in design and splendour.